Saturday, February 25, 2012

summer's here, early again

Days go by and takes away your ignorance Death will come when you have nothing new to know If i told you that this was the last day, Would you be more alive for that moment?
early summer
The title of the post is from a song "Us 2 Little Gods" by Dido. And here, in alphabetical order, are five of my very favorite music artists (links are to their pages)


  1. Somehow, if I knew I would become more 'alive' because I would know the end was coming, someway death will know it.... Sounds outer-limitsy doesn't it? Things happen at times for a reason.. That would be the same as my mom asking me that if I hadn't had gotten upset w/my husband that he wouldn't of died around the time we had a difference of opinion... Ridiculous, eh?

    As far as those groups- Dido drove me nuts, I know its because an obnoxious friend use to worship her.... Snow Patrol I love, also Lifehouse...What happened to them??? The others are new to me....

  2. hmm

    you might know Rahman from his compositions for Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours.. and Poets of the Fall is a incredible Finnish alternative rock band (though I'd like to describe their music as poetic rock). Lifehouse is currently preparing for their next album release and Snow Patrol's new album released a few months ago. Dido is parenting her first child.

    1. yep, saw all those movies.. guess i better pay more attention to the music!. the music for 127 hrs. was eerie and appropriate especially when Franco was having his hallucinations...