Friday, February 10, 2012

Follow the Sun

Somehow, I haven't been able to develop a clear idea of the path to take or even the destination to reach. Even when I'm about to turn twenty in six months. This is a major drawback.. could even be that tragic flaw. follow the sun In some ways, it is like following the Sun - starting the day with sunrise; and being trapped within the alternate life in dreams a few hours after sunset. But nonetheless, we wake up each day, at times a bit changed from the person that went to sleep. It's the week leading upto Valentine's Day and even if you're single, there's no way you could have avoided thinking about love. Don't you think falling in love has actually become very difficult nowadays? Anyways, Happy Valentine's Week! Spread the love!


  1. My son is a year older than you.. He has not found his way either... He dropped out of the local jc.. and it gets worse,isolation,no drugs involved... just his issues... or lack of ambition.. I could go on... Dan, don't think of it as tragic that you haven't found your way... You haven't cut yourself off from others, at least you are aware... I think people find their niche in their own way and time.. It will come.. You just need to open yourself up to any possibility... Another blogger around your age is discouraged because she hasn't found 'that' job.... I told her the same... It will come... especially when u least expect it... Just like love, dude.
    Yes, love is difficult!! omfg.. the ups, downs, non communication, expectations, the conditions one puts... and when its bad, it makes u wish why u let it happen... lol

    1. thanks KBF for providing me with a fresh outlook. i think that the majority of the people in their twenties now have a sense of gloominess attached.

      little clarification: in my post i meant 'falling in love'! and of course love itself is difficult!