Friday, February 17, 2012

Fears and Doubts

i hate my fears. i hate my doubts. vintage moments And as in with everything I detest, they have to be reduced to immateriality; in the circumstance that they can not be made to disappear.


  1. You are right, they can't disappear, they always loom in the background... Only time can change it- that is in time, we come to an understanding of it.. The trick is not to let it get the best of you... Your post sounds exactly like my son.. I know he has fears and instead of dealing with it, he will ignore it! or say " this is how I am"... We all have doubts and fears, believe me.. Mine use to be death.. but when I had to deal with it, I learned and have a different outlook on it...its inevitable and also its part of the cycle and that alone is comforting.

    1. another thing I learned was that fears and doubts are all part of life lessons.. I found out that some of my fears/doubts ended up not being a big deal.. Seriously...When my husband was killed, I had to do some of the stuff he normally did around the house... the man things- fixing the toilet, sprinklers, dealing w/subcontractors... turned out that some of the man things were not that big a definitely was over rated in my head. lol

    2. How much of other's lives do we really know about!? From your rather calm posts, never guessed that you might have faced such pain.

    3. Blogging is my escape.. I find it cathartic..