Saturday, February 25, 2012

summer's here, early again

Days go by and takes away your ignorance Death will come when you have nothing new to know If i told you that this was the last day, Would you be more alive for that moment?
early summer
The title of the post is from a song "Us 2 Little Gods" by Dido. And here, in alphabetical order, are five of my very favorite music artists (links are to their pages)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fears and Doubts

i hate my fears. i hate my doubts. vintage moments And as in with everything I detest, they have to be reduced to immateriality; in the circumstance that they can not be made to disappear.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Follow the Sun

Somehow, I haven't been able to develop a clear idea of the path to take or even the destination to reach. Even when I'm about to turn twenty in six months. This is a major drawback.. could even be that tragic flaw. follow the sun In some ways, it is like following the Sun - starting the day with sunrise; and being trapped within the alternate life in dreams a few hours after sunset. But nonetheless, we wake up each day, at times a bit changed from the person that went to sleep. It's the week leading upto Valentine's Day and even if you're single, there's no way you could have avoided thinking about love. Don't you think falling in love has actually become very difficult nowadays? Anyways, Happy Valentine's Week! Spread the love!

Friday, February 3, 2012

How Sony (sansEricsson) Can Craft itsWay to Success

Months ago, I was at a cellphone store to buy an accessory for the new Xperia mini. There was a well-to-do family, and the 12 year old boy was getting his first phone. The sales executive was pitching for many a phones, mostly those by Samsung and Nokia. When shown the Xperia Mini Pro, the boy had something to say -- "who uses a Sony Ericsson now?! 0:) " craft There is no argument about that. The 2011 Q4 report revealed that the company suffered net losses of €247 million during the year. While SE have been bringing out some of the best handsets over the years, it hasn't been able to effectively appeal to consumers as of late. Last year had SE releasing 11 android phones, plus a few quickly-forgotten feature phones. Most of the products were developed keeping a particular section of the market in mind. Apart from Xperia Arc, Xperia Play, and Xperia Arc S, I cannot recall a standalone print ad/billboard for any of the other phones. It is understandable that the overhead charges are to be controlled, but what good does that do when the prices have to be lowered down months later? I had wanted to tell that boy that I was one of such people who were using SonyEricsson phones, and was content with it. Also that using a SE sets you apart, because simply, Sony users are a class apart. It takes more than the five senses to recognize quality; but sadly the masses have only those in place . Makes me wonder if *all* the customers who bought a SonyEricsson had done extensive market research before buying! Now that Sony is taking complete control of the phone business, it is the best --and maybe only-- opportunity for it to recover and get back the lost grace, goodwill --and market share. ¤ Sony has to respect the fact that in a few ways, it is apart from the crowd; and use that as a market differentiator. Let happy users tell what could be those. ¤ Keeping aside the flagship phone, if a phone is released that would appeal to only a certain market niche, it has to be made sure that it is promoted to them. Else it should have rather been abandoned early on. [Case in point Xperia Active - I doubt if adventurers know enough about it, if at all] ¤ The finesse that every Sony phone comes built-in, needs to be given the due attention in promotions. The camera quality. The built. The audio reproduction. The colours. The android. ¤ The prices for similar phones from Samsung and others could be lower, but Sony needs to get across the point about quality, and do so without trying to bluff the customer. ¤ As much as clearance of stock is required, it is also to be remembered that by selling phones like w8 in 2011, (by when it had become substandard), while pitching "Brand New"; might be leading the company to earn a bad name instead. ¤ Innovations. Doing anything necessary to consciously make the Sony brand apart from the crowd. While keeping it charming to all. As Sony starts afresh with the Xperia S, it has a big challenge of making the consumers believe that like the joint venture, the shortcomings it had are now non-existent. And that the goodness of Sony Ericsson have been retained. P.S. Before the Xperia mini, the phone I had was w580i by Sony Ericsson. For three years. And it was way better than any of the non-smartphone touchscreens. The photos I used to take with it can be found at A Just Another Uninteresting Blog.